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"Welcome Home" Donated to the L.A.P.D. Van Nuys Divison Charity Auction

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Richard would like to apologize for being incommunicado for the last five months and let everyone know what's been happening.


On December 9th, 2013, Richard was admitted to the VA Hospital with severe internal bleeding, caused by rupturing duodenal ulcers. He remained in Intensive Care until the end of January 2014. There were also other complications brought on by Agent Orange which he contracted while serving in Viet Nam. The last three months have been spent in recovery and preparation for one last procedure, an experimental procedure, that will provide a cure. The cure rate is 95%. He's beginning the first two week pill, injection procedure on Thursday, May 1st. This will last for three to six months. He's been advised that the medication is very strong and has a number of severe side effects. He'll be an outpatient, but restricted in his activities, i.e. no direct sunlight, no stress, no working with wood or chemicals, no work period. The medication is very intense and will put him flat on his back most of the time.


Richard thanks all of you for supporting his creative endeavors, especially his artwork.


Also, and most importantly, rest assured that he will be in that 95% cured group.


This message from Richard: "May all of you have a great summer, and stay positive. Enjoy life. Get a damn check-up! I will have my computer guru stay in touch and let you know my progress. I feel strong and am ready to exorcise these demons from my body.


Be like water.


God bless...


Richard Chaves